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Service Delivery and Modernization

Cutting-edge leadership training solution

Service Delivery and Modernization

The modernisation of public services, development of improved governance and stimulation of national economies in the global market are high priorities for senior officials worldwide. Good governance has become the guiding principle for transforming and revitalising public services in order to ensure their effective, efficient and transparent delivery.

A successful organisation has holistic and harmonious systems, cultures, processes and services that empower and support its people and key stakeholders to achieve the organisation’s mission and goals. This ensures that the organisation can meet the challenges of globalisation and demands for more effective service delivery.

Led by highly experience practitioners with direct involvement in modernisation and improvement initiatives in the US and elsewhere, our programmes and workshops will draw on contemporary initiatives in open government, effective implementation and private sector involvement in the delivery of public services.

Courses include:

  • Improving Local Public Services
  • Maximising Information: Implementing Records Management Systems
  • Public Sector Management: Making Reforms Count
  • Public Private Partnerships: Policy Issues and Options