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Why Us

Customized Cutting-Edge Solutions and Support



We provide cutting-edge solution based on agile methodologies and processes to secure your enterprise and enhance overall system performance!

Why Us?

  • Agile. We place the right staff at the right time on a project
  • Effective. We successful complete what our client ask, and create added value in everything we do
  • Responsible. We are responsible, always deliver on time, and stay on or under budget
  • High Quality. We deliver a superior product at a responsible price
  • Green. We use cloud-based technologies where possible, allow for teleworking, and hold virtual meetings

How to order from us:

  • As EDWOSB, we have eligibility for up to 4M sole source.
  • We welcome government credit card to provide services.
  • We are strategic alliance partner of Mesmo Inc., as a result we are eligible for 8A award, IT 70 schedule or sole source orders.