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Human Resource Development

Cutting-edge leadership training solution

Human Resource Development

Top Group Technologies' approach to HR management and practice is one of active evaluation and contextual assessment across a range of focused areas. We offer collaborative support to every organisation seeking to equip senior officials, HR specialists as well as operational line managers, with tangible tools and techniques in contemporary approaches to human resource development.

Our practitioner-focused faculty experts provide you with the methodology and tools to continue to develop necessary strategies and processes that transfer skills and knowledge rather than create a learning dependency or ‘dry’ academic response to the challenges your organisation faces. Whether solutions need to be found in recruiting staff, managing talent, or in strategies to enhance your organisation’s overall HR function, attending one of our HR development programmes will offer you the opportunity to explore realistic solutions in seeking to develop your human capital right across the organisation.

Courses include:

  • Training and Development: Strategies and Practices
  • Planning and Developing Human Resource Capabilities
  • Training the Trainer
  • Evaluating and Developing the Training Function
  • Coaching and Mentoring In Your Organisation
  • Mediation in the Workplace
  • Aligning your Human Resources to Strategy
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Workforce Planning and Job Evaluation